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About ENDOLearnig

ENDOLearning is a medical educational company designed for general dentists, endodontic & dental surgery specialists, and students or residents who want to improve their medical knowledge and daily workflow for endodontic and dental surgery treatments.
Established in 2017, EndoLearning has been offering courses designed for the fields of Endodontics, Dental Surgery, Dental Implant & Prosthetics Implant. ENDOLearning provides dentists with up-to-date information, tips & tricks as well as modern techniques that bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.

ENDOLearning Lecturers

Dr. Sebastian LUPU

Dr. Sebastian Lupu discovered his passion for endodontics during the Faculty of Dentistry, Medical University “Grigore T. Popa”, Iași, Romania, where he became a DMD in 1999. He continued his studies with the Master in Clinical and Surgical Microendodontics Level II, in Turin – Italy (2016, with Prof. Elio Berutti), and then, in 2017, has been appointed as a Certified Trainer for Dentsply Sirona Endodontics in Ballaigues, Switzerland.

Dr. Lupu has been practicing this branch of dentistry for over 20 years, and over the time he has managed to perform thousands of endodontic treatments of varying degrees of difficulty. He introduced the operating microscope in his work technique in 2009, and since then he has been providing his patients with more precision. Due to the properties of this dental equipment (to increase the visual field), over 95% of the root canal treatments had predictable and successful results.

The considerable and ever-increasing number of successful complex endodontic re-treatments have led to the creation of many mentoring requests from colleagues. Thus, in 2017, Dr. Sebastian Lupu founded ENDOLearning project, through which he wants to provide support, demonstrations and tips & tricks in endodontics to those who are passionate about this branch of dentistry.


Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru graduated in 2007 from the “Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timișoara, Romania. Subsequently, he began intensive training in dental implantology and periodontology. In 2008, he completed a one-year specialization in dental implantology, having Professor Emanuel Bratu from Timișoara as his mentor. Since then, Dr. Cafadaru focused on broadening his studies and practice from the best trainers in Europe, such as Inaki Gamborena, Marius Steigmann, Anton Sculean and Mauro Fradeani.

Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru focused especially on clinical periodontology and dental implants, respectively dental microscopy. 

Dr. Cafadaru focused on LIVE OP TRAINING addressed to dentists from Romania and other countries.

He is currently “Xpert Presenter” for Dental XP.com, one of the largest dental platforms worldwide.


Dr. Bogdan ARION

Dr. Bogdan Arion graduated as valedictorian in 2012 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, U.M.F. “Grigore T. Popa” Iași, Romania, and later, in 2015, has pursued the specialization of Dento-Alveolar Surgery. During his studies, in 2011, he completed the internship at the Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Clinic in the AKH hospital in Vienna. In the last 8 years, he dedicated his practice to the surgical field, trying to continuously evolve, by taking part in a multitude of national and international medical courses and congresses.

Throughout his experience, Dr. Arion focused on broadening his theoretical notions and practice from the best trainers in Europe, such as: Frank Zastrow, Radoslaw Jadach, Howard Gluckman and Ali Tahmaseb.

In 2022 Dr. Arion has graduated from Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna where he completed the University Master Level 2 – Soft Tissue Management Around Teeth and Implants with Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli.


Endodontics Capabilities & Topics for Courses

A 5-day course or 6-day course, according to your needs

  • Diagnosis in endodontics & endodontic ergonomics
  • The basics of rubber dam isolation
  • Making a conservative design of the access cavities for each individual group of teeth – from classic to modern
  • The use of ultrasonic loops for the coronary access
  • The initial negotiation of the endodontic canal – scouting and glide-path management
  • The chemical treatment of root canals
  • Protocols for the use of different types of irrigators
  • Correct determination of the work length
  • Root canal reaming using various rotary or reciprocal endodontic systems: taper 0.4 and taper 0.6 rotary endodontic system, forward reciprocal movement endodontic system, reverse reciprocal movement and complete reciprocal movement
  • Criteria for the long-term success of an endodontic treatment
  • Apical gauging
  • The use of manual vs rotary systems
  • The choice of technique and materials
  • Obturation in endodontic treatment: the monochrome technique, the hydraulic technique of lateral cold condensation and vertical hot condensation
  • The restoration of endodontically treated teeth
  • Types of reinforcement depending on the case
  • Types of pivots for tooth reconstruction
  • Modern dentin and adhesive systems
  • Modern coronary reconstruction materials
  • Provisional coronal restorations through the CEREC system
  • Endodontic retreatment – When and why do we retreat a tooth?
  • Objectives of endodontic retreatment – strategies in choosing nonsurgical RTR VS surgical RTR
  • Coronary disassembly: management of the prosthetic crowns removal/ bridges and coronary fillings
  • Strategies for removing cast, precast, glass, wire, Thermafill / Guttacore
  • Effective disinfection of the apical third during non-surgical endodontic treatment
  • Non-surgical endodontic retreatment vs surgical endodontic retreatment
  • Prevention and management of fractured instruments in the root canal
  • Prevention and management of false pathways and wide apexes – application of MTA
  • Finding the ergonomic position for working with the microscope – 9 vs 12
  • The ergonomics of working with 4 hands
  • Practicing the various working positions assisted by the microscope in direct and indirect view (mirror view)
  • Rubber dam isolation, on a mannequin, simulating various complex clinical situations – tips & tricks
  • Access, negotiation and manual instrumentation of canals in upper and lower teeth, finding MV1
  • The use of ultrasonics in root canal treatment
  • Determining the working length for each channel
  • Instrumentation of root canals at upper and lower teeth
  • The use of ultrasonics in root canal treatment
  • The correct determination of working length
  • Manual treatment and rotary treatment
  • Monocone obturation
  • Obturation by the cold lateral condensation method and obturation by the hot lateral condensation method, on plastic teeth or extracted teeth brought by the students
  • Reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth with pivots
  • Lecturer demonstration: reconstruction with fiberglass pivots by adhesive methods on an extracted tooth
  • Performing a cuspid protection using the CEREC system
  • Endodontic treatment on extracted natural teeth; recap of all the techniques presented in the previous days
  • Complete treatment on extracted teeth (from rubber dam isolation to 3D obturation)
  • Pulp capping
  • MTA pulp regeneration
  • Removal of a prefabricated metal pivot from the root canal
  • Removing a fiberglass pivot from the channel
  • Removing a blockage with the Thermafill / Guttacore system
  • Removal of gutta-percha filling and root canal sealers using the Protaper Universal retreatment system
  • Removal of a fractured system from the canal
  • Application of MTA in the case of pulp chamber floor perforations
  • Application of MTA in the case of wide apices

Dr. Iulian Miron

DMD, General Dentist
”I have performed an endodontic treatment on the teeth, before Doctor Lupu's course. Then, after I finished the course, I reconsidered everything I have done to the respective tooth and I entirely changed the treatment. I am so thankful for everything I learned during the Endo Course - it was enlightening for me and my everyday workflow!”

Dr. Raluca Monoranu

DMD, General Dentist UK
”I really enjoyed Doctor Lupu's protocol, system, and workflow! It is predictable, easy, and result-oriented. I have treated my patient after finishing the course and the result speaks for itself.”

Dr. Mihai Secăleanu

DMD, General Dentist, FR
”Doctor Lupu's tips&tricks really helped me understand what I have to do in my everyday practice. I was afraid of the root canal treatment cases, however, now I treat my patients with precision and consistency.”

Implantology & Dental Surgery Capabilities & Topics for Courses

A 4-day course, or a 6-day course – according to your needs

  • Anatomical considerations in oral implantology
  • Anamnesis and general patient history
  • Patient selection criteria (informed consent)
  • Sterilization and asepsis in implantology 
  • Apparatus, instruments and materials used in implantology
  • Modern planning with the help of CBCT
  • Insertion of implants according to prosthetic landmarks: the surgical guide
  • Steps to be followed in dental implant insertion: incision, take-off, implant insertion, suture
  • Implant insertion without bone addition, with or without surgical guide (case analysis)
  • Implant insertion in the posterior and anterior area (case analysis)
  • The need to increase the bone supply in implantology
  • Types of materials used in bone addition
  • Guided bone addition (GBR) – flap and suture management (case analysis)
  • Principles in soft tissue evaluation (quality and/or quantity)
  • Discovery of implants – principles, instrumentation, soft tissue evaluation
  • Gingival grafting – sampling, handling and suturing techniques (easy to insert technique) practice)
  • Soft tissue management, conjunctival and epithelio-conjunctival graft sampling
  • Postextraction insertion in the anterior and posterior area – principles, case discussions
  • Internal sinus lifting – predictable method of vertical bone growth in the posterior area
  • Intraoperative accidents in oral implantology
  • Management of immediate and delayed postoperative complications in oral implantology
  • Peri-implantitis (etiology, treatment directions)
  • Patient monitoring with dental implants
  • Postoperative indications, pre/postoperative medication
  • Notions of prosthetics in implantology
  • Materials and techniques used
  • Prosthetic methods of partial and total edentination. Analog and digital
  • Correct handling and use of impression materials
  • Imprint in implantology
  • Types of spoons and their role
  • Determining the type of occlusion and pre-prosthetic management important for the realization of temporary prosthetic works
  • Creation of the emergency profile
  • Cemented vs screw-retained prosthetic work
  • Verification of prosthetic restorations on implants
  • Biomechanics of fixed prosthetic works in implantology
  • Methods of fixing prosthetic works
  • Dispensing patients with prosthetic restorations on implants
  • Imprint on the model with transfers
  • Making a provisional crown
  • Understanding the concept of bone augmentation in the context of dental implants – when, how much and why it is needed
  • Selection of available grafting materials
  • Soft tissue handling in GBR
  • The “periostal pocket flap” technique – operative steps, tips&tricks in the context of its evolution
  • Accidents, complications and their prevention
  • Discussions and live-op (recorded video) on several cases
  • Hands-on on pork mandibles/jaws
  • Maxillary sinus anatomy and oral implantology
  • The need for vertical augmentation at the maxillary sinus level
  • The materials used in the maxillary sinus lift procedure
  • The maxillary sinus lift technique with a lateral approach (with the help of the cutter, special kits or the piezotome) – video on cases, each step explained
  • Maxillary sinus lift technique with crestal approach (with the help of osteotomes or special kits) – video on cases, explaining each step
  • Accidents, complications and their avoidance
  • Discussions and live-op (recorded video) on several cases
  • Hands-on models
  • The concept of the Khoury technique and the parallel with the other techniques
  • Step-by-step description of the technique (assessment, incision, flap, plate sampling, screw fixation, suture)
  • Tips and tricks in improving the technique
  • Patient healing and assessment
  • Complications and how to overcome them
  • Clinical cases and discussions 
  • Hands-on on pork jaws
  • Modern principles in soft tissue evaluation (quality and/or quantity)
  • Gingival graft – sampling, handling and suturing techniques
  • Pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative soft tissue improvement (case discussions)
  • Vestibuloplasty with free gingival graft, advanced coronary flap and connective graft, pedicled palatal flap
  • Clinical cases and discussions 
  • Hands-on pork jaws and mandibles


Dr. Alin Tănase

DMD, General Dentist
”I have been to many endodontic courses/workshops – including to courses presented by Dr. Lupu. I took something from each of the lecturers, but in everyday practice I use the most what I learned from Dr. Lupu. Taking into account that I had never worked with a microscope before, and after Dr. Lupu's course I had a microscope in my clinic and it was very easy to use it, I think that what I learnt during this endodontic course helped me a lot. Dr. Lupu spoke about all the important topics, and insisted on them. So, it was a lot of useful information, easy to put into practice, and a friendly atmosphere!”

Dr. Georgiana Prodan

DMD, General Dentist
”The most beautiful cours I have attended: professional people, very warm, open and willing to teach you the secrets of implantology. I highly recommend the courses of Dr. Bogdan Arion and Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru! I will definitely return for new courses on dental surgery and implants!”

Dr. Claudia Neagu

DMD, General Dentist
”Thank you for everything! For me, Dr. Lupu's course was an experience transformed into a very valuable life lesson, applicable in all fields. Congratulations!”

Dr. Hans Vermeulen

Dentist MSc, The Netherlands
”The Intensive Implantology Course held by Dr. Cafadaru and Dr. Arion is a fantastic course. I was a beginner when I attended this 6-day course and I feel much more confident now. They inspired me to take dental surgery as a specialization.”

Dr. Benjamin Keppenne

Dentist MSc, Belgium
”I wanted to learn from Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru and Dr. Bogdan Arion because of their knowledge. They made it very easy to follow. I highly recommend the Intensive Implantology Course for any level of dentist, no matter how old or young. It is a good insight into modern-day techniques”

Dr. Oleg Kavun

Dentist MSc, Czech Republic
”The Intensive Implantology Course is really factual: Dr. Cafadaru and Dr. Arion show us a lot of video-documented cases to support the theoretical part, but the most incredible thing is that if you ask a question with a particular case - they always have a video to show you with the very thing you asked for!”